Monday, October 10, 2011

Is there anyone out there who has memories to add to the blog?

As a friend of the Scheibers, I enjoy this blog so much. If only, she says to herself, others with Fiddlehead memories would add them here. It is an ongoing saga, so worthy of capturing in this venue. Thank you to those who have contributed, and "come all" who have yet to do so.


Anonymous said...

Hey, This is Melissa McGrinder from Waterloo, Ontario. I was there with Katie Flora MacDonald, Melinda Rivera (Cali), Wayne (Autstraila), Neil Morton from Scottland, Alex(Germany) and so many others. We had a fabulous time making bread, watching Norman the cow be born and canoeing across to banana Island across frog lake. Is that what it was called? Still have some photos and lots of letters from these people. My time at the farm will always remain one of my favourites of all time. Freedom, choice, growth , handwork and so much more. I miss it often and have been trying to connect with Melinda Rivera. Time goes by so fast. It was 21 years ago, but it feels like yesterday. Thank you so much Linda.

Nancy Strider said...

Thank you Melissa McGrider for contacting us! Sorry it took so long to respond.

robert c strasser said...

Hi Linda and Liisa

I remember the adventure of hitch hiking all the way from Iowa with Hector Alvarez to Vancouver and then on to Powell River in the summer of 1982. A month there cutting hay by scythe, milking goats, and doing other chores while spending leisure time reading, swimming in the lake, and hanging out evenings with the group of guys who were there trying to harvest the burnt out stumps of red cedars for making roof shakes. They sang a lot passing the guitar around, drank black tea and joked a lot. Quite the bunch of characters! It was a beautiful little mountain paradise you had there and I am sorry to learn of its destruction. Fire? I met a guy in Oregon several years ago who knew about the farm and told me that Liisa had moved to New Zealand. Hope all is well with you and thanks for the adventures. Please write me at and tell how you are doing.

Best wishes.
~ Robert Strasser, Frederick, Maryland