Monday, June 23, 2014

Potter and Urban Farmer

People who stayed at Fiddlehead may remember the "Pissing Gnome" -- made thirty years ago in 1984 -- who lived up to his name, night and day, into the little pond by the front gate of her home.

That was her first and only gnome until the last ten years. While Linda was running the Farm, she had no time for making pottery. Now that has become an important part of her life. The Pissing Gnome now lives in Linda's backyard, and he begins this small two-minute video that I made four years ago. It not only shows the beloved ceramic sculpture, but also stars Linda, still doing some of the things she does best. A dozen years after the end of the rainforest Fiddlehead Farm, she continues to  take a creative and zesty approach to bringing sustainable food into the world while teaching other people how to do it themselves.

Mr Gnome has been joined by some relatives since Fiddlehead. Here are pictures of two of them, both true "Garden Gnomes", as they are cradling plants.

One is a lazy visitor in her front hall, perhaps reminiscent of a "before the Fiddlehead experience" newly-arrived guest.

The bird is finding another use for the young man's  cell phone

A couple of months ago Linda completed her own version of Mrs. Gnome. She was inspired by the 1977 book "Gnomes", written by Wil Huygen and illustrated by Rien Poortvliet.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hello again from Linda

It is so good to read all the comments on the blog. And I'm feeling like I would like to directly get in touch with some of the old Fiddlehead Farmers. I still have a profound love of wilderness, and this picture -- taken this weekend at a walk-in campground on Saltspring Island -- is an example of how I am still getting out there as much as possible.

I go every year to visit Liisa in New Zealand, and have recently come back from a trip to Italy. I have a small studio in my back yard, and continue to make clay sculptures. 

I live in a small village on Vancouver Island, and would love to have any one of the people who I met at Fiddlehead visit if you are in the area.

Here is my new email address --