Monday, October 10, 2011

2009 Fiddlehead in Powell River "Vanishing History" blog

The Fiddlehead blog is in the process of being reactivated, and I did a bit of googling to see other references. Found a relatively recent posting on an interesting blog by local historians in Powell River, authored by Rob Tremblay, called "Vanishing History". Here is one of the photos from the site.

Here is the link to the page about Fiddlehead in the "Vanishing History" blog.

The author of Vanishing History commented "I recall sitting at our family cabin on Powell Lake and watching what we referred to as the Hippy Boat go by, it was a large boat, 30 ft or more, and always loaded with 10 or more people, it went slow and it was loud, this boat took people to the FiddleHead Farm back in the 1970′s, we always thought it was a Nudist Colony but you know how rumors are in Powell River."

I'm letting them know on the "Vanishing History" blog about this one, so hopefully they will pay us a visit.

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