Saturday, November 11, 2006

short note from Linda

It has been fun to create this blog and relive all the old times. Since the physical part of the farm is gone it will be great for all of us to visit here. There are some long memoirs here but I don't want you to feel you have to compose an entire history of your stay. Just a short note on the incident you remember the most would be great along with pictures. I am continuing an active and inspiring life on the south of Vancouver island. I am building a ceramic building in my small back yard and plan to continue with clay sculpture. Please come and we can share the clay.


mel said...

We have thought so often of Fiddlehead over the years and were so sad to hear that it is no longer. Had actually been planning a trip there this summer with some friends and our young children.
We first went to Fiddlehead Farm over New Year's at the turn of the millenium! We had found out about the farm through a friend and called to see if they were open... turns out they were not open and in spite of never having met us (my partner Harri and our great friends Martha and Roch) Lisa invited us to come anyway! What followed was the most tremendous and genuine expression of hospitality I have ever experienced. And having travelled extensively in Asia, that is saying a lot. We were welcomed as members of the family, had some marvellous walks, and feasts and danced in the New Year in the costumes from the tickle trunk, I can still remember how my body felt from laughing so deeply. Harri and Andrew dressed up as some of the most attractive women ever. Over the years we have often reminisced about going back. ( We have been living in the Netherlands and just came back to Vancouver recently.) It is touching to read how many people were moved by the spirit of Fiddlehead. Linda, we wish you well.. and also a special hi to LIsa and Andrea...
What an amazing accomplishment to have been the source of so many transformative memories.
Wishing peace,

Melina, Harri ,

steffi said...

Dear Linda, how wonderful to find you here, even though the news are sad. I think of my time with you and your family often (must have been summer 85?). Love to you and especially Lisa and Timo, steffi

P.S. may I email you some pictures? They mean a lot to me (not that many, just a handful...and maybe they will also bring back good memories for you).

Anonymous said...


It is sad to hear that the Farm is gone I often thought of going back for a visit but I never made time. Its around thirty years ago now since I was there I hope you Alex, Lisa and Timo are well.

Mark Hollyoak

Fiddlehead Facebook Group (click here) said...

There's also a Fiddlehead farm group on facebook.
P & J

Michael said...

I have been to the Farm twice in 96 and 97 - and was devastated when I found out it is no more.

The memories of me an Rachel discussing spirituality and responsibility in the world are an important part of what I am and hopefully will become.

LOve, and hope you, your daughter, Liam and the others are alright.

Michael aka "Warrior Angel"